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A home away from home with Serviced Lettings

Do you travel regularly with work or family?

Have you grown sick and tired of cramped hotel rooms?

Then you need an affordable alternative.

At Serviced-Lettings.com we have a nationwide reputation and provide apartments to rent in every major UK city. With us you can enjoy an apartment that’s twice the size of a hotel room and equipped with a kitchen, living and dining area.
But isn’t it more expensive?

No. In fact, it usually works out cheaper. Your bill doesn’t contribute towards staff pay, hotel breakfasts, in-house restaurants or maid services. You’re simply paying for the things you use. And our weekly rates include utilities, property management, council tax charges and weekly servicing. No hidden costs, just everything you need.

Wherever your business takes you, you’ll have a home to head to.

We work as the preferred short let provider to corporate businesses in all sectors and are happy to accommodate anyone. So whether you’re in senior management or you’re a holiday making family, we’re the spacious, cost effective alternative that you need.